At Clavel Law we specialize in family estate planning and business planning services. We pride ourselves in taking a holistic approach in both practice areas, and don’t follow traditional notions simply because “that’s how things are usually done.” We break the mold by meeting with clients at their businesses or homes (if they'd like) to really figure out where we can add value. We are invested in making your business successful and protecting your family’s wealth through legal mechanisms that are tried and proven.

Something else our clients really like about us is our flat-fee services. This gives you the certainty of knowing what you are getting for your money AND there are no surprise fees due to "unknown" billable hours. Unfortunately, the legal industry hasn't caught on to the fact that this is what clients want. Our value comes from our clients' satisfaction and the referrals we get from them. Thus, there is no need for billable hours - just a flat rate for quality work.

Our Story

Robert Clavel is the owner and founder of Clavel Law. He has a deep passion for helping individuals thrive in their businesses and preserving families’ wealth and values through estate planning. Robert is a husband and father FIRST and his family is the impetus for all that he does. Because of that, he understands the various roles business owners play and has structured his practice to revolve around the specific needs and goals of his clients. His experience in conducting business domestically and internationally has given him the advantage to approach businesses with a global mindset or tailor businesses to a local audience. Below you’ll find some of Robert’s achievements, skills, and interests:

  • California Western School of Law Alum
  • Graduated in Business Concentration with Honors (a rare feat) 
  • Volunteer Attorney at Community Law Project and CWSL Business Clinic
  • Two beautiful kids and a rockin’ wife 
  • Conversational in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish
  • Enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and the guitar | Robert.Clavel.002.jpeg

Our promise to our clients is - we will be there for you, NO MATTER WHAT. If it’s in our area of expertise, we will swiftly and effectively handle your matters. If it’s outside our practice areas, we’ll get you into the rights hands. You’ll never feel alone, and once you start with Clavel Law, we'll always be a resource for you.