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Business Law

Asset Protection Program

Our NEW Asset Protection Program is geared toward startup, small, and medium-sized business owners. In starting and maintaining a business, there are many legal pitfalls and serious liabilities to be aware of. No matter what stage you are at in running your business, our Asset Protection Program can help!

Our Program is aimed at protecting, preserving, and developing your business’s, and in turn your personal and family’s, wealth. Here is an inside look at what we do:

  • Incorporation or LLC organization and maintenance

  • 35 Point Business Check Up

  • Personal Asset Preservation Plans

  • Business Asset Preservation Plans

  • Employment Practices

  • Intellectual Property: Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents, and more

  • Maintaining and building profits

  • Contract review and maximization

  • Insurances

  • Accounting Practices

  • Tax Strategies and Advantages

  • Business Organization and Structure Revamp

  • And much, much more!

Our Asset Protection Program can save you tens of thousands of dollars and not to mention the time and headaches that are wasted in trying to navigate the many areas of law, various legal forms, and familiarizing yourself with the unknowns of finances, insurance, and tax obligations and advantages. This Program has been developed to assess your business and provide you with a customized plan to protect yourself and your business, preserve your wealth, and increase profits.

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Helping Your Business Thrive

Did you think a General Counsel was just for the big boys? Not anymore. At Clavel Law we act as Outside General Counsel ("OGC") for small businesses in your community. We provide not only the legal protection you need, but the business expertise and professional network that will help your business thrive.

While we have OGC services for legal and business aspects, we also specialize in providing Intellectual Property ("IP") counsel. In this day and age, IP is the new fountain of wealth, but it is very fragile and must be properly guarded. As OGC, we put systems in place to protect your IP and make sure your IP is making you money.

Having an OGC on your team gives you unparalleled support to achieve the goals you have for your business.

Choose a plan that fits the needs of your business.

Business Planning

  • Sole-Proprietor or “Doing Business As” or (DBA)

  • General Partnership Formation & Agreements

  • Limited Partnership Formation & Agreements

  • Limited Liability Partnership Formation & Agreements

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation

    • Multi-Member Operating Formation & Agreements

  • Corporate Formation

    • Corporation

    • S-Corporation

    • Professional Corporation

    • Non-profit corporation (501(c)(3))

    • Shareholder Agreements

    • Corporate Minutes or Resolutions

Buying a Business | Selling a Business | Exiting a Business

  • Buy an Existing Business

  • Sell an Existing Business

  • Exit a Failing Business

  • Structure of a Joint Venture

  • Merge Existing Businesses

Contracts & Agreements

  • Customer Contracts

  • Vendor Contracts

  • Sale or Purchase of Goods

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Joint Ventures

  • Contract Negotiating

  • Contract Drafting

  • Contract Review with Written Comments

  • Simple Asset Purchase Agreement

General Counsel

  • Pro-active and Anticipatory Representation

  • Outsourced In-House Counsel

  • General Corporate Representation