Did you think a General Counsel was just for the big boys? Not anymore. At Clavel Law we act as Outside General Counsel ("OGC") for small businesses in your community. We provide not only the legal protection you need, but the business expertise and professional network that will help your business thrive. 

While we have OGC services for legal and business aspects, we also specialize in providing Intellectual Property ("IP") counsel. In this day and age, IP is the new fountain of wealth, but it is very fragile and must be properly guarded. As OGC, we put systems in place to protect your IP and make sure your IP is making you money.  

Having an OGC on your team gives you an unparalleled support to achieve the goals you have for your business. 

Choose a plan that fits the needs of your business.


General Counsel Plans

This isn't a "retainer" in the common sense of the word. In other words, we don't just wait for you to give us something to do... we actively assist you with legal services and business counsel that is measured to raise your bottom line. We offer 3 comprehensive plans that will meet any of your business needs. Don't see something that you need? Contact us so we can tailor our plans to meet your needs. 


General Counsel "IP" Plans

The law surrounding IP is a maze for even the most experienced attorneys. We offer 3 comprehensive plans that will assist you with your OGC and IP needs depending on the needs of your business.

Most importantly, it's always nice to have a legal professional to answer your questions when you are unsure about how to proceed with the use of your IP or others' infringement of your IP. Either way, we're there for you!


Other Business Transaction Services

For those who like to go it alone, but want a fresh pair of eyes, a quick document production, or an entity formation, we can handle certain business transactions a la carte for a flat fee.